Are You Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions?


“You are never too old to set another goal or dream new dream…”

-C. S. Lewis

There are lots of reasons why we lose momentum in trying to stick to our news years resolutions.  I am one of the many Americans trying to improve my health this year.  Progress seems very slow.   You  think you are doing everything right, but the measures you have chosen just don’t seem to be showing the results you were dreaming about.  For example, how many pounds have you lost or how many miles have you walked.  cute-animals-4You scratch your head for answers but you’re not sure you have come up with the solution to make the metrics move in the direction you want.   Part of you just wants to throw in the towel and part of you wants to stick it out.

My solution is to continue to pursue my goals and give myself credit for my progress so far.  I need to ensure that my measures of success are realistic and attainable. So I am going to analyze the progress I have made and adjust my metrics to match.

I have set some ambitious goals for myself and have given myself a year to accomplish them.  I have broken my yearly goals down into monthly goals and now its time to adjust the monthly goals.  Each month I will review and revise and recommit to seeing it through. As the saying goes, you only fail when you stop trying.

Do you have any tricks for staying on track and keeping yourself motivated?


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