What is your learning style?

Educatonal literature has many definitions of learning style. Figuring out what works best for you is an invaluable skill. Learning theory suggests that we are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. As a teacher and educator for many years I have found that trying to identify students learning styles in order to determine the best instructional strategies to employ is a tall order.

What I know about instruction has a great influence on my own style. What I have noticed in my students and in myself is that my learning style is different based on the task or content I am trying to learn. For some things I can pick up a book, read the directions and do it. A recipe for example. Anything I have a lot of background knowledge about is easy for me to read, listen to and do it. Things that challenge me more require that I interact with the content in some way. Sketch it out in a mind map, write down what I have learned, or perhaps talk about it with someone. For the most challenging learning, usually something I have little background knowledge about, I need an explanation, a demonstration,  practice that is guided and a chance to use the knowledge in an authentic way.

However, the  most important element of learning for me is getting effective feedback. The more constructive feedback I get along the way the more I learn and the longer I can persist without giving up. Without good  feedback, I can flounder and not be very productive  I need feedback even for easy learning such as following a recipe.  Comments like, wow this tastes great, sends the message that this recipe is worth trying again. Another form of feedback that is equally important is when I make a mistake, perhaps the time I accidentally substituted salt for sugar is a good example! With effective feedback I can learn from my mistakes and persist through frustration

How to deliver effective feedback is the title for another post!


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  1. It’s a really informative post, especially your mention of receiving effective feedback in the learning process. I look forward to reading your post on delivering feedback!

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